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  • Completely Free
  • Open to All

Membership in the Seattle Deming Study Group is open to all individuals at absolutely no cost.

It is the intent of the creators of this group that membership remain free and that operating costs remain minimal.

All you have to do to belong is participate!  Join the mailing list or attend a meeting to get started.

The Seattle Deming Study Group utilizes Yahoo Groups E-mail discussion list to stay updated on current issues about the meeting and discussions. Anybody can subscribe to this group and elect to receive either individual messages or a daily digest. You can also view the group contents on this website. There are currently about 17 members of this group.

To subscribe to the list, simply send an e-mail to:
[To protect the list from spammers, your membership will have to be approved]

To send a message to all users of the list:

If at any point you wish to be removed from the list, just send a message to:

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